Monday, February 28, 2011



My well coveted hat!

Christl, that is MY hat!

Joshina, you too?

Christl, you get that puck!

Going out to dinner on the gondola!! First time for the kids.


Joshua is done.

I love this photo of my guys.

Opa and the princess!

My family!

Look at Joshua go!! A natural, just like his father!

What a way to end a day of skiing!! Oh, how I wish I was there....

I love all the photos of my family. But, really, I had a totally different kind of vacation while they were gone! It was all worth it to see the look on my 2 kids faces, when they saw their new rooms.

I lived in a big mess (along with Eric) has I decided to surprise Anna by redecorating her room. I must tell you that I did enjoy the 'shopping' part, especially IKEA. I can really go crazy there. I had a budget and I stuck to it.

I reused furniture that we had in other rooms (curio cabinet from my bathroom; antique dresser that housed miscellaneous items). I took out her old furniture (in the basement for now). I even took apart her bed and scooted into her alcove. Perfect fit!

It was a very stressful week!! Long days and nights. I am extremely thankful for my parents help. I so couldn't have done it without their help. Thanks mom and dad!

The motto for her room was 'SIMPLIFY' (really its Karl's motto but we all have to live with that ;0) I cleared out her closet and just made it easier to clean. She has kept it far.

I set up a HUGE loft bed in Joshua's room. Karl is not totally convinced that we will keep it. But, for the mean time. Josh is having fun touching the ceiling or should I say, "climbing it"?

I am glad that my family had a safe AND FUN trip. I am also happy that they are home, so I can hug each one...hundred times!!!

Thank you Lord, Jesus for wrapping each one of my members in your arms.