Saturday, December 19, 2009


I must start of by sharing that a family member had a special birthday...


on November 17!!

He was so excited for a week before his birthday, he was bouncing of the walls. The night before his birthday (still bouncing of the walls), he requested breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed?? Alright, he got breakfast in bed. We sang to him and he opened his presents...all in bed. It was a very special 6th birthday. Joshua wore a 'grown up' smile all day. It was neat to see how much older he 'felt' by turning 6. I guess, my kids are growing up.

Two days before Thanksgiving, I had eye surgery on my left eye. They did a biopsy on my lacrimal gland. It came back as a benign tumor called, hyperplasia. I have been suffering with a swollen 'left eye' (not the singer from the 90's) since October. Here is what I looked like after surgery.

Now, on to happier family events...


Karl with his lovely turkey!! Do you see two turkeys?? We are on our way to John and Carie's to celebrate Thanksgiving with Carie's family and Johns.

The men folk 'PROUD' of their turkeys!!

Brandon and Chase came down from MN to stay with us over break. They are a load of fun!! They got to meet their new cousin, Eric.

Oma and Anna


Karl and I with our proud 'Compadres' (Godparents), Andy and Martha.

We are thankful for being able to borrow Christian's baptism outfit for Eric. Doesn't he look adorable??

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Anna carved this one all by herself.

Cute kitty cat.

Karl's excellent carving technique!!
He tries to outdo himself each year and
I must say he continues to create something awesome!

This past Thursday the kids had a testing class at tae-kwon-do. Anna earned her brown stripe and she broke a thick board that other kids had trouble with. Way to go Anna!! Joshua earned his yellow belt!! This is his first big kids testing. Great job, Joshua!!!

Our annual pumpkin' carving.

Eric at 6.5 weeks!

Monday, October 19, 2009




The family got a good laugh!
He really needed it, too.
Poor thing was covered in spit-up
(and he smelled, too).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It has been exciting and exhausting. We love little Eric! Lots to share but have very little time. Eric is calling me right now. Gotta go!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Our beautiful children
Anna (9), Joshua (almost 6) and Eric (0)

Wow! It has been a whirlwind these past 7 days.

Eric arrived on September 10 at 9:15 pm.
He weighed exactly 7 lbs and is 18" long.

Here is a photo when Joshua was born in '03
and Anna was 3 years old. I don't have a newborn of Anna
(this was before we had a digital camera).

I did find the youngest photo of Anna on digital.
She is 6 months old.

I went in to see the OB for a routine check-up last week and I wasn't feeling all that great that day. I started vomiting and dry-heaving over Labor Day weekend and continued on through the week. When I went into the OB, I had to stop to do some more dry-heaving before I can be seen. My doctor sent me to the maternity ward for some liquids (3 bags) at about 2:30 pm. 6 o'clock rolled around and the nurse was about to discharge me when she noticed I was having 5 minute contractions. They didn't hurt but they were consistent. As soon as she walked out to notify the docs my contractions started to get good and strong. They weren't painful. Now, this is when everything changes....the nurse came back just in time to see me go into labor! Yes! I went into labor that fast. It was crazy. I never felt anything like it before. I was breathing heavy, my legs automatically pulled themselves up and I was pushing so hard; I couldn't control it. It was amazing! I am so thankful that I was able to experience labor. The nurse ran out so fast to call the doc that he didn't believe I was moving that fast. My doctor walks in and asks, "Whats going on?" I told him we are having a baby tonight. You would think I woman knows her body well enough to know what is going on. The doc checked me out and I dilated to a 1! Then, I had another major didn't hurt...I just felt tightening, my legs moved up and I was pushing really hard...naturally. It was so cool. That is when the doc hurried to open up the OR room to get my c-section started.

We came home Sunday afternoon to return to the hospital on Monday. Eric needed to be admitted for his jaundice. We were able to come home late on Tuesday night. We are recovering well. Baby and I have somewhat of a schedule going. Overall, we're doing great. The family is adjusting to a new cute little brother. You should see my cankles....yuck! Can't wait to have my feet and legs looking normal and getting some sleep!!

We have been blessed with wonderful family and friends helping wherever needed. We really appreciate the prayers, phone calls and especially the awesome dinners! Thank you!

I have been thanking the Lord for a healthy baby and quick recovery and that is what we are doing. We have been blessed in so many ways I can't put into words. All I can say is, "Praise the Lord!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Do you know Ralph?? If you don't; go to youtube and you will find out how funny he is. He is a local entertainer for children. Anna has seen him at the House of Blues a few years ago. Ralph was hired for a friend's birthday party and he was hilarious!


I knitted these baby items for a friend's baby shower (the above and below photos). She knew she was a having a girl and I fun knitting these baby items. I haven't made anything for my baby because I don't know what color to use. The hat is my favorite!

I knitted my first pair of fingerless gloves and I JUST LOVE THEM!! I made a matching scarf and a small round bag with the same yarn. Can't wait to show them off.

The kids even got into the 'KNITTING CRAZE'. Here they are starting their new projects. They both made a scarf...all by themselves. Anna even learned to cast-on!

Even though we are in our 5th week of school...Classical Conversations started 2 weeks ago. Here is a photo of their 1st day of CC. Check out Joshua's backpack...I made it!! The sewing craze is also happening here at home.

The I am at 36 weeks! Now, I am playing the waiting game. Almost went in on Wednesday night with pain (that brought tears to my eyes). went away. Going in today for a check up and I hope NOT to come home!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby update...

I had an ultrasound last week at 32 weeks. The docs are estimating that the baby weighs 5.5 lbs! That puts me in the 35 week category. Do you think that they would up my due date of Oct. 4? Nope, not a chance! They think I will keep going. My maternal/instincts are telling me that my water will break (something that has never happened to me) on Sept. 9 or 16. Lets see how close I get to guessing my child's birthday.

Let the games begin! What are your guesses???

Old Wives' Tales

Got this is my inbox and I had to share the outcome. I highlighted boy/girl that I felt was true.

Sleep Position

Pay attention to which way you lay down in bed tonight. If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you'll have a boy. Right side? Your pregnant with a girl.

Upset Stomach (I don't get)

Little girls aren't always sweet. Extreme nausea means you are having a daughter.

Soft or Dry Hands

If your hands are dry during pregnancy, you are having a boy; soft -- expect a girl.

Food Cravings

Your favorite pregnancy foods may tell you what sex the baby is. If you're craving citrus while pregnant, you're having a girl. Craving watermelons right now.

Adult Acne

If altering hormones makes your skin break out, expect a girl. No acne. Does that make it a boy??

Graceful or Clumsy Pregnancy

If you feel as though you're gliding through they day, you'll have a girl. Stumbling? It's a boy.

Face Weight Gain

If your face gets fuller, it means you're having a girl. Nope.

Sugar and Spice Food Cravings

Craving salt during pregnancy? Potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn means a boy is on the way. I did earlier in my pregnancy. Need a little something sweet? Ice cream, chocolate, and candy means you're having a girl. Ice cream sundaes almost nightly.

Mood Changes

If you're experiencing pregnant mood-swings, expect a baby girl to arrive soon.

High or Low Pregnant Belly

If you're carrying the baby low on your stomach, expect a boy. If it's high, you're having a girl.

Baby Weight

If you're carrying baby in front, it's a boy. Is the baby weight spaced all around your middle? It's a girl.

Pendulum Test

Dangle a chain with a charm over your palm. If it swings back and forth: boy. In a circle: girl.

Model Your Hands

"Show me your hands." If you would hold your hands palms up it's a girl. Down? You're having a boy.

Toddler Advice

Get baby advice from a nephew or friend's little boy. If a toddler boy shows interest in your belly, you'll have a girl. If he ignores you, it's a boy.

Eat Garlic

Guess the baby's sex by eating garlic. If the smell seeps out of your pores it's a boy. If there's no scent it's a little girl.

Key to Pregnancy

If you pick up a key by the round end, you're having a boy. If it's by the long end? A girl.

Even and Odd Numbers

If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it's girl. One even, one odd means a boy.

Baby's Heartbeat

If the baby's heart beats more than 150 times per minute, you're pregnant with a girl. Less than 150, it's a boy.

Stress Test

A child tends to be of the same sex as the parent who is less stressed at the time of conception. That would be Karl...boy!

Dream Meanings

If you dream about having a girl while pregnant, you will wind up having a boy and vice versa. I have been dreaming a girl.

Breast Size

If your right breast is larger than the left while pregnant, you are having a girl. If the left is larger, it's a baby boy.

Lets tally up what I have close to even count. I guess we will all have to wait when the baby is ready to join his/her family. This was fun!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting ready for a new school year...

Between contractions, going to the bathroom every time I stand up; I have found time to plan out the 2009-2010 school year schedule. I am ready to get started. The kids and I need to start practicing our new routine BEFORE baby comes. This way we all know what is expected when I am too tired to remember what day it is.

I did add links to Anna's subjects, so you can see what books we will be using this upcoming year.

Tentatively, this is what Anna's (4th grade) schedule looks like:

Bible time with mom (Proverbs) and a bible workbook from CLP, Math-U-See / Delta (2-4 pages a day), Spelling Skills ( a page a day), Reading (a book a month), Cursive Abeka Mastery (once a wk), Piano practice, Abeka Science (4x's a wk), Spanish (2x's a wk), and Classical Conversations (review 2x's wk)

Math, Spelling Skills, CC, and Essentials (4x's a wk hmwk)

Bible, Math, Spelling Skills, Reading, Essentials hmwk, Science, and Spanish

Bible, Math, Spelling Skills, CC, Reading, Essentials hmwk, Piano, Science

Math, Spelling Skills, Reading, Map wkbk
(once a wk), Essentials hmwk, Science


Joshua's schedule is little bit more relaxed. Here is what we will be doing for 1st grade:

Math-U-See (daily), Sing, Spell, Read & Write (daily), Classical Conversations, Manuscript writing, Abeka Science (daily), Map workbook (once a week), and Piano.

Both kids are also involved in Tae-kwon-do, 3x's a week, an hour each day.

We have a busy year ahead of us. Did I tell you we will also add a newborn in September?!? The joys of motherhood, home schooling, life and Jesus' many blessings!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


John, Barbie, Chase, Karl, Anna, me, Joshua and Brandon.

I don't think Spooner was ready for our excitement and fun!! The family took a 9 day vacation up to Spooner with my nephews; Brandon and Chase. Our dear friends Andy, Martha and Christian (photos to come) did not tell us that they were vacationing a half hour further up north from us. It was a pleasant surprise. Karl's sister and husband joined us at the tail end of our vacation.

Karl found a real neat modern cabin to spend a week in. It was on a wooded 3 acre lot. Karl was in heaven. Here is a view of our pier from above. Beautiful.

This photo was taken on our last day. It really was that cold that I had on three layers of clothing. Who heard of fall in July? It was gorgeous when we first arrived and it slowly got colder each day we were there. We still made the most of it!

The boys (and Anna) had fun fishing every morning. Above, Karl is showing Brandon how to make a knot. John is an expert sailor.

Here is a wonderful photo of Brandon ALL WET! You ask, why is he wet?? Like most typical 14 year old, he was running on the pier, slid off the end and fell into the lake. Of course, his pockets were fully loaded with his cell phone, money and DS. We had a good laugh when he came up. Word to wise...empty your pockets before falling into the lake.

Way too much fun for a 5 year old.

Who has heard of a snowball fight in July?? I have! It is a family tradition on Karl's side to save a box of snowballs every winter and in July...there is a snowball fight! Barbie was waiting for the exact moment to bring them out but unfortunately it was actually too cold to soften up the 'ice balls'. They did soften up some and we had a good time getting Karl and John.

These photos are from Barbie's camera. I will load up more photos as I get them from my loving husband's fancy camera.

Seeing God

Last night during our family dinner we had an interesting conversation. Anna was getting real frustrated not knowing if she is having a little sister or brother. She wanted to know what she was having. I told her that I truly have been enjoying not knowing. It's been fun watching my belly grow and learning what the baby is doing each month. I told her this is great way to be patient and watch God working in our little blessing...

ANNA: I wish I can read God's mind and know what He gave us.

MOM & DAD: We cannot read God's mind. That's not how He works.

JOSHUA: Yes, you can read God's mind. Just read the bible.

What do you say to that! Wow, out of the mouth of babes. I am amazed to see God working right there in front of me. You think I wouldn't be surprised. I am. I love the way He reminds me how powerful He is through faith. Through being a faithful servant and sharing His words with my children AND to see His words coming out of my children. We are so truly so many ways, that I cannot put into words.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creating and more...

Let me start by sharing the photos Karl took with his new camera. These photos are cool!!! He bought a G10 (I don't know what that is but I do know that I want to borrow it!).

Above he is playing with the filters in photoshop.

Another great recital from Miss Allison's piano classes. The kids did a great job. There were quite few first timers. Anna and Lydia, keep up the great work!

Here my two dollies that I knitted for my niece and nephew for their first birthday. I had fun making these.

Below is my attempt at trying to do an 'easy' quilt for Anna. I have been working on it for maybe over a month and still have quite of bit of work ahead of me. Anna picked out the colors and fabric. I love the color combo.

I had to first cut 8 strips of each 8 colors and sew 4 strips together. Let me tell you that the cutting of the strips sound easy BUT its NOT. Below is a sample of the strips sewn together.

Then you take the strips and cut across the four colors and voile you have 4 squares! It does take time to cut these strips as well. I am still cutting. I have lost speed with this project and moved on to quicker projects...

onto purses!! I found 2 great free patterns online and gave them a try. The green purse is actually a dress my mother in law gave me. It was an old halter dress that I knew I would use the material for something. Karl thought it would make a great gift for Oma. I wonder if she would recognize the fabric...hmmmmmm.

I have enough material to make 2 more purses. Anna and I both want one for ourselves!!

Where I have gotten my inspiration began with a sewing class that I took 2 weeks ago. I learned how to make pajama bottoms. I had to make a 'really' big pair for me AND the cool thing about my that i can take them in when I am done with my pregancy!! I got carried away and made a pair for the kids!

I also made a nightgown for Anna with my left over fabric from my pants. So, she and I can match.

I whipped up this backpack/tote for Anna's cousin as a birthday gift. Boy, Anna was green with evny. I can't make everything for her ;>)

Here is the other purse pattern I found online. This purse is for ME!! I used a 'fat quarter' from the store and left over fabric and voile...a purse.

My biggest (pun intended) creation...the baby!! Here is a photo of me at 23 weeks and I am finally feeling better!! Hence all the sewing. I told Karl just to take a photo of my belly, otherwise I would of put some make-up on. Here I am, all natural.