Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Family Reunion in MEXICO!

My dad has not been home in over 18 years!! He grew up in Mexico and has lost touch with his 4 siblings. This past year we have been trying to locate his brothers and we found them! But without also hearing some bad news. Since we have made contact we have learned that 2 of his siblings has passed away. His brother, Domingo died 10 years ago leaving behind a 10 year old daughter, Perla. She is the one that returned a letter that my dad sent awhile back. Through her we were able to connect with other family members. His sister, Tana, died 3 years ago here in Chicago. I am not sure what prompted the family to separate but it is never too late to reunite!!

With tears of sadness and joy it really was great to find out that I had cousins! Lots of them! I started emailing Perla and learning about her, remembering her dad and just talking about meeting one day.

My dad didn't waste anytime and flew to Mexico for 2 weeks this past September. I wish I was able to go but it was too short of a notice to leave that quickly. I do plan on (with God's blessings and my husband) to go in February to meet my cousins and to kiss and hug my uncles! I know it had to be hard for my dad to reunite with his brother, Cruz after so many years.

I can tell from my dad's voice from talking to him while he was in Mexico the joy in his heart. He was uplifted by his family. Cruz's daughter, Veronica and I have been talking and she is planning a family reunion with her sisters when I come out. I am so excited! My dad was taken by Veronica's kindness and loving heart. Thanks Veronica for taking good care of my dad!

Since my dad has been back he does plan on going back to visit Mexico. I can't wait to meet my cousins face to face. I already love them and I haven't even met them! Here are a few photos from his trip.

This is my dad, Juan with his niece, Veronica and his older brother, Cruz.
What an awesome family photo!

Can you see the family resemblence!

This is Veronica's family with her dad and mom. Veronica (in the back) holding Analynn, my uncle, Cruz, far right Veronica's husband, Francisco my aunt in front and little Francisquito

This is Perla who was a huge part of bringing the family together!
Thanks Perla!

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