Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You Won't Believe What I've Been Doing!

OK, I have been really into re-discovering the old homemaking skills. So I decided to start canning. And so my friend Becky decided to give it a try with me, especially after she tasted my delicious blueberry jam on my first try!

We made strawberry and peach jams on our first afternoon, and apple butter on our second. It's really incredibly easy to do, and particularly fun when you're sharing the time with a really good girlfriend. We cooked and chatted, chatted and cooked, and the time just flew by!

Our future projects include homemade bread, sewing, knitting, and cross stitch. Looks like it's gonna be a homemade Christmas this year, folks!

This my friend Becky cutting up the strawberries!

Me cooking and stirring up the strawberry jam...mmmm mmm good!

Then Becky ladles jam into the jars

Then I use the tongs to carry over the HOT jars of jam and we wait to hear the lids...POP!
The sound of the 'pop' is a sign that the jars are sealing correctly.

Mmmmm...strawberry jam and peach jam. I really don't want to share.

The girls keeping themselves busy as we 'can'....ha. Hannah, Abigail and Anna are just darlings. Now...where is Joshua and Rachel..hmmm.

Becky and I finished canning after a long afternoon. Now we can enjoy the 'fruits' of our labor.
(smile, grin, groan...you choose)

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