Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What we have been doing in school...

Every Tuesday the kids and I attend Classical Conversations. Each week, each class must stand in front of the class and do a presentation on a particular topic. Anna is sharing her experiences skiing out in Idaho. I was very impressed! I don't usually get a chance to listen to her because I am tutoring an older class. I snuck out and was able to take a photo.

Joshua is in our caravel that we made. Don't know what a caravel is??? Neither did I until we started studying 'early explorers'. What does is look like? You are right, a ship! He even made his own 'eye piece'.

The kids and I made a family flag. Each of us shared what was important and incorporated into our flag. On the left you really can't see the red and white stripes, representing America. The cross represents our faith and the heart represents the love we have for each other. We all had a hand in coloring and drawing.

On the right you can see their captain's journal. We even dyed the paper with tea to give it that old look! Lots of work but we had fun creating and learning together!!!

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