Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby update...

I had an ultrasound last week at 32 weeks. The docs are estimating that the baby weighs 5.5 lbs! That puts me in the 35 week category. Do you think that they would up my due date of Oct. 4? Nope, not a chance! They think I will keep going. My maternal/instincts are telling me that my water will break (something that has never happened to me) on Sept. 9 or 16. Lets see how close I get to guessing my child's birthday.

Let the games begin! What are your guesses???


Robyn said...

Hey Lisa! I'm guessing the littlist Holzl will enter this world about a week before your due date.

As for the sex, I'm not sure. Based on your answers, I'm thinking girl cuz quite a few of them I experienced with Britt. Only God and that little life growing inside of you knows though. I'm curious if it'll look like Anna or Josh. Britt was talking about it just yesterday. Says she bets Uncle Karl wishes for another boy to hunt with and a girl who is just like Anna.

Think of you guys often and looking forward to seeing the newest member to the family.

Lisa said...


My c-section is scheduled a week before the due date.

Actually, I am hoping this one will come out with hair (curly and dark). We're thinking this one may come out looking hispanic. So, I guess nothing like my first two. Like you said, only the Lord knows...and we will all know soon enough.

Karl doesn't say what he wants. He says he will be happy with what the Lord has blessed us with.

Miss you guys!!!!

Cocoa's family said...

Hey Lisa and Karl...Rachel's 16th is 9/, that's a good date! Can't wait to hear the good news! Blessings to you:) Polly