Tuesday, January 26, 2010

December updates (with captions!)

Anna & Joshua decorating the tree for me

Joshua hunting with daddy and 'the boys', aka 'men'
Showing off a pheasant

Joshua & Anna showing off their dance routine.
They were really cute!

Purse I made for my friend, Becky

I also made a mail sack for Sara

Anna cut and sewed these stockings from recycled old jeans!
She really did an awesome job!!

I made these for Jack and Eva for Christmas.
Their own lunches made from felt.

These are aprons made from recycled dishtowels.

Relaxing time with daddy.

Eric's first Christmas.
Sorry honey, we had to do it!
Like his reindeer?

Cousins: Big Anna and big Eric with little Anna and little Eric.

Family photo

My mom, Tata.

Cousin Wolfie (annual cousin fest) with all of his grills for yummy ribs!

Most of all the girl cousins.

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