Monday, May 24, 2010


Ok, like Becky, I wanted to blog something important (with photos) updates of family and kids. So, I am just going to do a quick blog and just share what happened today. I do plan on catching everyone up on the past 8 months of craziness.

Right now, Karl and the kids went for a bike ride. Some of you know that we found a deer tick on Joshua last week and we haven't heard the end of it. I must share what he did today. He went outside this morning to pick up a shirt that he left out last night. I saw him swatting at the air. Hmmmm. He comes in (looking distraught).... I noticed that his mouth is full of saliva and I ask what happened...he started to cry...

JOSHUA: "I have parasites in my mouth. I cannot swallow. I bird pooped by me and parasites flew in my mouth."

MOM: "There are no parasites in your mouth. Go rinse your mouth out and brush your teeth. KARL!"

Poor Joshua. He has been non-stop about him being the 'host' and the tick being the 'parasite'...homeschooling may have given him too much information. The questions he was asking over the weekend...

JOSHUA: "Mom, I touched bird poop. Mom, is there parasites in bird poop. Mom, I was swinging and my hand touched bird poop. Mom, I saw a bird poo. Mom, what if something got in my mouth. Mom, my throat hurts. Mom, something might be stuck in my throat. Mom. Mom. Mom."

I had to finally tell him, "Enough with the parasite! You are fine. You will be ok."

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