Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...overcast, snow

I am thinking...I'd like to do some knitting and sewing. Finish up some Christmas gifts!

I am thankful...for a roof over my head. To be able to provide food and clothing for my family.

I am wearing...jeans and 2 shirts

I am finish laundry. try to go to 5 o'clock Saturday church.

I am creating...learning to simplify! Motto of the year. Less stuff=less stuff to clean.

I am currently reading...nothing.

I am continue to stay healthy. my husbands clients pay us.

I am hearing...Eric crying. Josh watching TV. Karl putting in the new 'hood' for over the stove.

In the kitchen...Karl. Dirty dishes piling up because our sewage is blocked.

Around the house...messes everywhere. bathroom leaking into the basement. I do have big piles of CLEAN laundry! Oven broken.

One of my favorite to just sit and do nothing.

A few plans for the rest of the girls night with cousins. early intervention for Eric.


6intow said...

Sounds like a lot going on. Praying for you, Friend!

Jane said...

Sounds like too much on your plate. Hope things get better. I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings jane