Thursday, October 27, 2011

catching up...

I guess it has been awhile since I blogged...oops. LIFE, does happen. Time does fly regardless if you are having fun or not. April was the last time I blogged.

I will give you some quick highlights:

  • Anna turned "11"
  • both kids tried baseball and liked it
  • celebrated Karl's parents 50th wedding anniversary
  • Christl & Barbie flew in for fun family reunion
  • annual Illinois Homeschool Conference
  • BBQs with friends and family
  • 3 Day Practicum for Classical Conversations
  • Anna went on her 1st week long summer camp through church
  • iron infusions for me
  • swimming lessons for the kids
  • gatherings with family & friends
  • dearest friends from Africa came home for a visit
  • I went to Philadelphia for a work conference
  • lots of catching up with the Nickels'
  • my dad turned "70"
  • Anna earned her 1st degree black belt!!!
  • HOSS has several concerts
  • more time with my dear friend, Sara
  • mom has a birthday
  • Brandon turns "16" out
  • more family and friend time
  • we left for an awesome 12 day vacation to Minnesota & Spooner, Wisconsin!!!!
  • lots of family time out of state
  • Eric turned "2"
  • TEC (Tri-Cities Enrichment Co-op) begins on Tuesdays
  • Karl finally was able to get away and do some hunting
  • lots of female issues and hopefully I am done!
  • beautiful wedding of two dear friends
  • bible study on Friday nights
  • more family time
  • Anna gets to go on another camp called Fall Camp for the weekend
  • I get to do an overnight women's retreat
  • knit night with Despy and skyping with Allison

Now, we are officially caught up. I know, I need to put pictures up. I will do that next. Especially, my knitting. I have been knitting again!!

We need to update more often. More for me than for you (giggle). Are you out there??? Do you read this??


Chinamama4 said...

Yup, I'm reading this! :) I, too, have been a slacker on my blog. Let's keep each other motivated, shall we? It's so worth it! :)

Sara said...

Yes, I read it. I'm glad I made it into the high lights! I love you, sweet friend!