Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a Day looks like at OUR SCHOOL

People have wondered what 'home schoolers' really do at home. Well, let me tell you that no two homes will ever look the same. Every one has a different teaching style and to make it worse (ha, ha, ha) EACH CHILD has a different learning style! Not to mention the different ages and how many kids you/they have.

I will say, "I got off easy." NOT. I don't think it really matters if you have one child or 10 children. We will all have our ups and downs. I do make a new schedule in the beginning of the school year. I try my best to follow it. I don't put times, but I do list the subjects that need to be done that day.

We usually school year round taking July and December off. By doing this, it offers us more opportunities for outside activities, like field trips, family time, vacations and/or sick days. This way, I don't have to worry about making up those days.

Monday - Friday (Daily)
  • Bible - I will read from Proverbs (the date will determine the chapter); Plus a chapter in the Gospels
  • The Story of Liberty (RA a chapter a day)
  • King Arthur (RA)
  • Math (Saxon)
  • Grammar (A - Growing with Grammar)
  • Vocabulary (Growing with Grammar)
  • Spelling/Grammar (J - Sing, Spell, Read & Write) Which we completed!!!!!!
  • Cursive/Printing (J)
  • Map Workbooks
  • Required books to read
  • Piano (practice daily)
  • Classical Conversations

Classical Conversation is an intensive program that we do for 24 weeks through a co-op. I will start this program a month before it begins to give the kids a head start. This program covers the following:
  • History
  • Science
  • Geography
  • English
  • Timeline (8 cards per week)
  • Art/Orchestra/ Tin Whistle/Logic
We have just completed the Middle Ages. They had to memorize important facts pertaining to a specific time period. I will supplement what the kids are learning by getting them more information or explaining why it is important to know the facts that they are memorizing. We would review the facts daily.

Now, that CC is over. We have a new schedule until we break in the middle of June.

  • Spanish (3x)
  • Latin (3x)
  • Spelling/Vocab (daily)
  • Grammar (daily)
  • Math (4x)
  • Reading (daily)
  • RA Bible & History
  • Piano (daily)
  • Typing (3x)
  • Science (3x)
Outside activities include:
  • Awanas (during the school year)
  • Taekwondo (3x a week year round)
PHEW....seems like a lot. It is! I don't stress like I use to. It is hard with a toddler but we have managed. We did have to switch the way we did things to keep the little guy happy!!

~~~photos of our classroom will be posted soon~~~~~

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Nicole Religioso said...

Found your site randomly through blogger! Looking forward to reading more about how your schooling is going! I'll be starting my first year I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well :) Can't wait to read more in your blog