Thursday, April 17, 2008


Lysa TerKeurst is hosting a SWAP AND HOP at her website as well as my favorite Karen Ehman. Karen is my favorite because I just saw her speak at Hearts at Home in IL!! I went to her, 'Keeping your Ducks in a Row' seminar. I even bought the 'Brain in a Binder' which I have implemented but I still need some serious help. Karen and Lysa please help I have a chance of winning a FREE BOOK!!!! They might not give it to me because that is my PROBLEM. Books!! What do I do with them all!?!

My main concern is in the kitchen. The desk where the phone is (there really is a phone behind the
kleenex box). Do you see it?? Do you see my 'Brain in the Binder'?? I really do love that binder. Back to my desk. We have a kitchen table near by the desk and when we get ready for dinner; guess where all the stuff from the table goes to??? YES, the desk that holds everything. Holds the mail. Holds the kleenex. Holds magazines. Holds whatever the kids make during the week. Keep in mind I homeschool. So, they don't make a lot of stuff but they make stuff! Do you see the fruit bowl?? Why is it on the desk??? Plus, my husband would like to get rid of the magazine rack on the wall! Why is there a magazine rack in my kitchen?? Books from the library, a bowl to return, my knitting bag for when I run out of the house, books that I like to read with my coffee in the morning (when I can), books I borrowed, dust, and coupons (that I don't use). LYSA AND KAREN PLEASE HELP ME!!

BTW-I have 1 husband, 2 kids and 3 dogs. Starr (in the photo) is our new addition!! I hope you are laughing. I just like to go through the numbers, starting with my helpmeet!! My number 1!

So, I am sharing this with you,
Lysa and Karen in hopes of getting some help from them and if possible to win another book for my collection!!!

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