Saturday, May 3, 2008

I had one those, ahhhhh moments.......

I love being a mom to my 2 wonderful kids. They really are great. God has blessed us in so many ways. I pray that our children continue to bless us as they get older.

Earlier this week I was cleaning around the house (and purging). I got to our school room and noticed it was a mess (ha, ha, ha I really wasn't surprised!) I needed to clean out the book shelves, donate some books and clean the game shelf. The kids helped with what they wanted to donate and what they wanted to keep. A very productive morning.

Later that afternoon..... I over heard my kids talking:

Anna: Lets play a game.

Joshua: We should say thank you to mommy for fixing these shelves for us.

Anna: OK.

Joshua & Anna: Mommy, mommy, thank you for organizing the shelves for us!

I just melted. I couldn't believe my 4 yr. old teaching my 8 yr. old. To see our teachings (through the yelling, reminding to help out or do this) that they really do get it.

Thank you Lord for your love and patience, for showing me patience, for my husband who has given me the opportunity to stay home and teach our children. Thank you!

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