Tuesday, May 13, 2008



I wanted to share 'MY BUNS' with you all!! I have recently taken up baking from scratch. That is, I make homemade bread by hand (sometimes I will borrow my friend's bread machine!). I really enjoy doing/making the dough from scratch. There is something to be said about using your hands to bake/make like our ancestors did. The whole 'kneading' the bread is relaxing. I do have to plan for it. I can't just wake up and bake bread. Though I am sure that is what I do!

The kids like to 'knead' the dough (mostly they are playing). Joshua likes it the most. He really enjoys cooking. Anna likes the 'quick' cooking. She can't wait for the rising, kneading, rising, baking and timing of the bread. Joshua is a little bit more patient.

I wanted to share some of the breads I have been baking. Mostly I do whole wheat bread. I have done hamburger and hot dog buns (yum!) And today I did a buckwheat bread. I do like mixing it up by adding all kinds of nutritional flours into the breads.

My regular ingredients that I do keep on hand are: organic white and wheat flour (I like to mix the 2 50/50), soy flour, flax seed, cracked wheat, yeast, dry milk powder and vital gluten.

Here are some photos...

I forgot, we also make homemade pizza dough!
Here is Joshua smoothing his out.

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