Thursday, November 6, 2008


SCARY PUMPKINS....Only 2 pumpkins?? Where are all of the pumpkins?
We must do better next year!

Where are kids?? I know there were more than 1 child at my house!

Our 2 winners!! Martha and Lydia, I hope you are sharing your candies! They had to guess how many pieces of candy were in the jar. The amount (or close to it) was 385 pieces of candy!!

I hope Andy isn't bothering these 2 lovely ladies...

3 generations; Opa, Karl and Joshua.

Bob Marley (aka: Christian)

Rachel working hard on cleaning out the guts of her pumpkin.

Anna made this cake all by herself. She read the instructions and mixed the batter.
She did let me decorate :)

Anna and Audrey as Laura Ingalls; Joshua as 'Bow Hunter Boy' and Lydia dressed as a detective. We also had 2 cheerleaders, one cowgirl and Bob Marley.

We had a great evening. I took the kids on a ghost walk in our backyard where they had to figure out clues or put their hands into box and guess what it is. It was fun. We were blessed with a beautiful warm night. Can you believe 'Indian Summer' is over. It is suppose to snow this weekend!!!!

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