Saturday, March 21, 2009

3 MONTHS & counting...

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged. But, if you felt the way I have been feeling this month; you wouldn't have blogged. It has been a tough few week. Just a few weeks? It really feels like 2 months. This first trimester has really turned our house upside down, literally!! My poor husband as been asking for his wife! I want Lisa back! I want her back. I think I am finally on the downhill slope.

The meds the docs put me on has helped me be functional (meaning: I can get out of bed between naps). I am still nauseous (just not every second of the day). Oh, BTW, I had my 3 month check-up and everything looks all right except....they keeping an eye on my weight. Really??? What is that suppose to mean?? I am pregnant! I had to eat because I was so nauseous. I had to eat because I kept vomiting. I had to eat because, because it gave me something to do. Now, that I got that off my chest I can move on.

I am feeling much better these days. I even started to do the laundry AND it was such a sunny day I even hung them to dry!! But, I better be careful because Karl has been tired of 'store bought bread' and calls 'fake bread' every time I bring into the house. This means that he has been spoiled with my freshly homemade baked breads. Which at this time I still do not have the energy to think about making/baking. Sorry honey, yo will need to wait a little longer.

I will try to get the kids to take a photo of my growing belly for you all to see!

God Bless and enjoy spring!!

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5intow said...

Glad to hear things are at least improving. I always gained so much weight with my pregnancies. It has always come off, except for the first time . . . but I blame that on bed rest and the c-section. I don't know that it's an excuse that holds water 11 years later though. :-)

Good to see you the other day!
Will keep praying for you and baby.