Sunday, February 22, 2009

vOMITing • sleeping • eating • nausea • restless

Let me start off by saying, "I WANT TO OMIT 'VOMITING' IN MY PREGNANCY!" It is enough to feel hungry and nausous at the SAME TIME; yucky feelings. It has only been a week of all this 'fun' stuff rolled into one body or should I say one tiney, cute, little baby :>)

Some of you may say that I asked for this. I asked for the blessing NOT the sickness. I know it all goes together so.....technically I am not complaining. Off the record....I am complaining. My poor stomach is in sooooo much pain. My head hurts. I am hungry. I can't look at food. It tastes better the first time around NOT the second time....aargh. I really needed to get that off my chest.

Tomorrow begins week number 8....what can I say. After some thought, I think this sickness is a reminder of the gift that the Lord has blessed us with. It is a reminder that LIFE isn't easy. LIFE begins at conception and ends when the Lord calls us. The miracle of LIFE is hard. Preparing for this little baby is a lifetime commitment to this baby and to our Father. I look at my 2 oldest and they have been a blessing the day I have set my eyes on them. I can't take my eyes of them. I love how the Lord works in each of us. To see how he brings family and friends closer. Or how He touches our Life individually when we don't even realize it.

I enjoy preparing for this little baby with new eyes, with the guidance of our Father. Thank you Lord for this miracle, for this sickness that comes with a developing child, with love from our hearts. Amen.

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Polly W. said...

Hey Lisa:
Sorry to hear about the sickness-that has to be a total bummer-you have every right to complain...but, also appreciate your prayers and praise during the rough times:) You are a strong woman and will make it through-(sonner than later, we hope)! I was never sick with either of mine-so I've no idea what you are going through-ugh! All I had to do was eat constantly and I was fine. Hang in there! Polly