Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creating and more...

Let me start by sharing the photos Karl took with his new camera. These photos are cool!!! He bought a G10 (I don't know what that is but I do know that I want to borrow it!).

Above he is playing with the filters in photoshop.

Another great recital from Miss Allison's piano classes. The kids did a great job. There were quite few first timers. Anna and Lydia, keep up the great work!

Here my two dollies that I knitted for my niece and nephew for their first birthday. I had fun making these.

Below is my attempt at trying to do an 'easy' quilt for Anna. I have been working on it for maybe over a month and still have quite of bit of work ahead of me. Anna picked out the colors and fabric. I love the color combo.

I had to first cut 8 strips of each 8 colors and sew 4 strips together. Let me tell you that the cutting of the strips sound easy BUT its NOT. Below is a sample of the strips sewn together.

Then you take the strips and cut across the four colors and voile you have 4 squares! It does take time to cut these strips as well. I am still cutting. I have lost speed with this project and moved on to quicker projects...

onto purses!! I found 2 great free patterns online and gave them a try. The green purse is actually a dress my mother in law gave me. It was an old halter dress that I knew I would use the material for something. Karl thought it would make a great gift for Oma. I wonder if she would recognize the fabric...hmmmmmm.

I have enough material to make 2 more purses. Anna and I both want one for ourselves!!

Where I have gotten my inspiration began with a sewing class that I took 2 weeks ago. I learned how to make pajama bottoms. I had to make a 'really' big pair for me AND the cool thing about my that i can take them in when I am done with my pregancy!! I got carried away and made a pair for the kids!

I also made a nightgown for Anna with my left over fabric from my pants. So, she and I can match.

I whipped up this backpack/tote for Anna's cousin as a birthday gift. Boy, Anna was green with evny. I can't make everything for her ;>)

Here is the other purse pattern I found online. This purse is for ME!! I used a 'fat quarter' from the store and left over fabric and voile...a purse.

My biggest (pun intended) creation...the baby!! Here is a photo of me at 23 weeks and I am finally feeling better!! Hence all the sewing. I told Karl just to take a photo of my belly, otherwise I would of put some make-up on. Here I am, all natural.


5intow said...

Wow! you have been productive. Baby looks great. Over half way! :-)

Good to "see" you.

Allison Grant said...

Awww! You look cute!