Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seeing God

Last night during our family dinner we had an interesting conversation. Anna was getting real frustrated not knowing if she is having a little sister or brother. She wanted to know what she was having. I told her that I truly have been enjoying not knowing. It's been fun watching my belly grow and learning what the baby is doing each month. I told her this is great way to be patient and watch God working in our little blessing...

ANNA: I wish I can read God's mind and know what He gave us.

MOM & DAD: We cannot read God's mind. That's not how He works.

JOSHUA: Yes, you can read God's mind. Just read the bible.

What do you say to that! Wow, out of the mouth of babes. I am amazed to see God working right there in front of me. You think I wouldn't be surprised. I am. I love the way He reminds me how powerful He is through faith. Through being a faithful servant and sharing His words with my children AND to see His words coming out of my children. We are so truly so many ways, that I cannot put into words.

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