Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting ready for a new school year...

Between contractions, going to the bathroom every time I stand up; I have found time to plan out the 2009-2010 school year schedule. I am ready to get started. The kids and I need to start practicing our new routine BEFORE baby comes. This way we all know what is expected when I am too tired to remember what day it is.

I did add links to Anna's subjects, so you can see what books we will be using this upcoming year.

Tentatively, this is what Anna's (4th grade) schedule looks like:

Bible time with mom (Proverbs) and a bible workbook from CLP, Math-U-See / Delta (2-4 pages a day), Spelling Skills ( a page a day), Reading (a book a month), Cursive Abeka Mastery (once a wk), Piano practice, Abeka Science (4x's a wk), Spanish (2x's a wk), and Classical Conversations (review 2x's wk)

Math, Spelling Skills, CC, and Essentials (4x's a wk hmwk)

Bible, Math, Spelling Skills, Reading, Essentials hmwk, Science, and Spanish

Bible, Math, Spelling Skills, CC, Reading, Essentials hmwk, Piano, Science

Math, Spelling Skills, Reading, Map wkbk
(once a wk), Essentials hmwk, Science


Joshua's schedule is little bit more relaxed. Here is what we will be doing for 1st grade:

Math-U-See (daily), Sing, Spell, Read & Write (daily), Classical Conversations, Manuscript writing, Abeka Science (daily), Map workbook (once a week), and Piano.

Both kids are also involved in Tae-kwon-do, 3x's a week, an hour each day.

We have a busy year ahead of us. Did I tell you we will also add a newborn in September?!? The joys of motherhood, home schooling, life and Jesus' many blessings!!

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