Thursday, July 23, 2009


John, Barbie, Chase, Karl, Anna, me, Joshua and Brandon.

I don't think Spooner was ready for our excitement and fun!! The family took a 9 day vacation up to Spooner with my nephews; Brandon and Chase. Our dear friends Andy, Martha and Christian (photos to come) did not tell us that they were vacationing a half hour further up north from us. It was a pleasant surprise. Karl's sister and husband joined us at the tail end of our vacation.

Karl found a real neat modern cabin to spend a week in. It was on a wooded 3 acre lot. Karl was in heaven. Here is a view of our pier from above. Beautiful.

This photo was taken on our last day. It really was that cold that I had on three layers of clothing. Who heard of fall in July? It was gorgeous when we first arrived and it slowly got colder each day we were there. We still made the most of it!

The boys (and Anna) had fun fishing every morning. Above, Karl is showing Brandon how to make a knot. John is an expert sailor.

Here is a wonderful photo of Brandon ALL WET! You ask, why is he wet?? Like most typical 14 year old, he was running on the pier, slid off the end and fell into the lake. Of course, his pockets were fully loaded with his cell phone, money and DS. We had a good laugh when he came up. Word to wise...empty your pockets before falling into the lake.

Way too much fun for a 5 year old.

Who has heard of a snowball fight in July?? I have! It is a family tradition on Karl's side to save a box of snowballs every winter and in July...there is a snowball fight! Barbie was waiting for the exact moment to bring them out but unfortunately it was actually too cold to soften up the 'ice balls'. They did soften up some and we had a good time getting Karl and John.

These photos are from Barbie's camera. I will load up more photos as I get them from my loving husband's fancy camera.

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Allison said...

Great pictures of your vacation! Love that snowball picture!