Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sew Mama Sew is having a 'serger' giveaway and would like to be considered THE winner!! So, here goes my plea:

i would love, love a serger. I have taught myself how to sew, use a pattern and still learning my ‘regular’ sewing machine. WOW, the things you can do on a serger! Just to be able to do nice edging is enough for me!!! Right now I am in the ‘dog room’ (I share my sewing stuff with the dogs; 3 kids; and I homeschool. My time is limited and I know I really can get some projects done with a serger! Think of me ’slaving away’ with the dogs at my feet and my kids spying me through the windows (they are not allowed in the sewing room 8)…my little space) slowly sewing away…. That serger really can make difference!!!! Maybe, my husband will take me seriously and find a new place for me to sew!!!! Thanks for taking my story into consideration. Good luck making your decisions. Blessings, Lisa

PS - Don't be afraid of the gun that my husband is holding! The dog is scarier! The kids are cute!!!


Sara said...

If it were up to me, you'd be the winner for sure! You didn't mention that it would come in handy for making special items for you friend in faraway Africa :o)
I miss you so much, neighbor! Post again soon.

lisa said...

See the orange carpet?? It is no more...GONE! Will take a photo of the new floors!!!!

Robyn said...

Like Sara, if it were up to us, you'd be the winner too! You need one and you certainly deserve one! They are an invaluable tool, especially for someone like you who will use it as often as time will allow. My sister and mom have one and love it. You need your own "little corner" that is just yours for sewing. Think of ALL that you can do for your loving husband and your beautiful kids if you had the means (serger) and the space (a place to call all of your own)! I will be praying that you will be blessed with both. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.