Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Noticed that I have not posted in a while. Life happens...daily.

I am excited for the upcoming celebration of Jesus' birth! We are starting a new Christmas gift tradition this year. In the past we gave the kids whatever they wanted. This also included all the relatives, too.

Then two years ago (or more) we limited the gifts 'from Santa' to 3 gifts. Just like Jesus. He only received 3 gifts from each of the kings. Then we changed it to only 3 gifts from mom and dad. The gift giving was getting out of hand and mostly the focus of Christmas.

We as a family has been growing in our faith and in our knowledge of the bible. We attend church weekly. I read from the bible daily. The kids love going to Awanas! Recently, Anna and I have been attending a bible study twice a month. God has truly been working within our family. We, too, have been listening to God's plan. What does Christmas mean? Where should the emphasis be made?

I read an article in The Old Schoolhouse about gifts at Christmas time. What they did was that each gift would represent each gift from the 3 kings.

The 'GOLD' gift would be something extra special that the child wanted.

The 'FRANKINCENSE' would represent a Godly gift. For example, a worship cd or a bible. Anything that can encourage you and bring you closer to God. Anna thought a bible cover would fit.

The 'MYRRH' would be something that you put on your body. Like a coat, socks, hat, etc.

This is our new tradition that we added this year as a family. It isn't just about the gifts but why we are giving/receiving the gifts. To look beyond the wrapping papers and bows....and to look up to our heavenly Father.

I wish your family a wonderful Christmas and that you learn something new within your family!! Treasures right in front of... a gift from our Heavenly Father!!!

Thank you Lord for blessing me with a wonderful family. Thank you for your Son. Merry Christmas.



Chinamama4 said...

This is a great idea, Lisa! I've also heard of people using the rhyme, "Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read." No matter which "method", I think we all benefit, especially our children, when we shift the emphasis away from the "stuff". To focus the season on Jesus, as well as giving to and serving others. :)

Robyn said...

When Brittany was little, a co-worker said they give their girls no more than 3 things off of their Christmas list from Santa. Looking back on it, I'm not sure if their thought related to the gifts Jesus received or not, but I thought it was great idea then and I started that tradition that very year. Love your idea of the meaning being behind the gifts! You are always on top of things like that. I do believe that knowing you aren't going to get everything you want has made a difference in her because as she is now very close to being a teenager, what was on her list this past year were pretty basic items. Not to mention, the little gifts she chose and/or made to give to her family were gifts from her heart. That is what Christmas is all about. Wish more of the world focused on the meaning of Christmas and had less focus on the commercialized season.

Lisa said...

AMEN! So, very true Robyn. I truly believe those 'smaller' gifts from the HEART, out weigh any expensive gift from the store! Can't wait to see you!!