Monday, April 4, 2011

LifE - it goes so quickly

Just noticed that I haven't blogged since February. Where does the time go? Time goes by in a blink of an eye. Sometimes, I feel my life goes just as fast. I think what I will do (for now) is update you on each of the family members (from youngest to oldest).

ERIC - He will be turning 19 months old soon (still only 20 lbs.) and busy as a bee!!! Cute as ever, too! Since his ear tubes has been put in....that cutie is learning new words daily. He still does his 'gibberish' talk. He can go on and we won't have a clue to what he is trying to tell us. That can be very frustrating to the little guy. He likes to repeat 'words' that we say. He can stack blocks and tear them down. He also LOVES music! He will strum Karl's guitar and bob his head. He has no problem saying, "uh, uh" (meaning NO). Enjoys listening to K-LOVE. I cannot keep him indoors if the big kids are outside. He loves to be outside. I am so in trouble this summer. I am going to have a very, dirty baby!

When we pray at dinner, he will fold his hands and pray with us. It is a blessing to see that it is never to early to teach the children God's word. He has truly been a blessing to our family.

Eric and Joshua has that special 'boy' bond. Anna has that natural 'big sister' role. She can be very protective of him (when she wants to be).

JOSHUA - He has grown so much this past year. At 7.5 he has taken on 'big boy' roles upon himself. He enjoys cooking; making omelets, eggs, sandwiches and snacks. Picks up Eric in the morning out of his crib. Looks after his 'little' brother. Now, Joshua is very protective of Eric.

Recently, Josh has been doing a lot of drawings. Taking after his dad??? We will see. He will pull out drawing books and start copying the pages. He also enjoys playing the piano. I think he has been taking lessons for 2 years now. (I tell ya, time seems to disappear.)

Currently, still taking taekwondo; attending Awana, CC (Classical Conversation a local co-op), piano lessons, and baseball starts this Tuesday.

Joshua has a heart for the Lord and His word. Watching his faith grow in the past year has been a blessing to me and the family. He truly wears his faith on his sleeve. You can see it!

ANNA - WOW. What can I say...she is turning 11 in May! She has also grown up so much this past year! In her responsibilities, her brothers, school, and growing into a young lady. She has learned to (at least) enjoy her school work vs fighting to do her work. Her 'attitude' has been a process but we have met in the middle. Meaning, I had to chill my temper so, I can teach her how to chill her temper. We BOTH have learned together about our attitudes.

She is still involved with taekwondo (red/black belt), Awana, piano, CC, summer camp (first time this summer), and will be taking baseball, too.

I have redecorated her room and she really does keep it clean! I simplified her furniture to one dresser, one end table and one cabinet for her 'chotskies'. Simplifying, really does work. She enjoys the outdoors, baking, cooking and prefers to clean than do any extra school work.

I am blessed to have children who love the Lord. She tries to live by the word of God. She reads her bible almost nightly. She enjoys listening to K-LOVE as much as I do!

Each of my children have been a true blessing from God! I love them all for very different reasons. I love learning from them as much as I enjoy teaching them.

Upcoming posts: more about me and my journey; quilts that I have been making; and what a day looks like in our home school class.

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