Friday, June 6, 2008


Here is a family photo of us in Chicago. A few weeks ago we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Chicago. It was a really neat place. The kids and I went up early on Thursday to take advantage of the day. We checked in and then walked 4 blocks to the Art Museum. Sorry, I didn't take any photos.

What I did do was stop at the gift shop and I had the kids pick out their favorite postcard. Once they picked out their postcards, we then went on a scavenger hunt. We needed to find their paintings and find who the artist was. It was a lot fun. I was surprised that the kids really enjoyed the museum. I even picked colored pencils and art pads to do some drawings. I didn't take a picture of them drawing!!! Argh!!! Apparently, I was thinking.

Photos from our room!

As you can see we had a beautiful, windy day.

Karl took the train in after work and met us at the hotel. We went out to dinner at Shaw's Crab House to celebrate Anna's 8th birthday! She was definitely spoiled this year. After dinner we took a walk around Buckingham Fountain and at the Millennium Park.

Most of you have probably been to Millennium Park during the day and had your kids play in the water. Doesn't this photo look cool at night? We had such a wonderful evening. It was nice to get away from home and do something spontaneous.

The next day Karl left early for work and the kids and I had to fend for ourselves. We checked out, had breakfast and figured out public transportation. I had to make sure we were on the right block, right side of the street to get on the right bus to the Field Museum.

The Field Museum had a hands-on room downstairs for the kids. As you can see above, Joshua is picking corn.

They are learning how to stone-grind the corn into flour the way the Indians use do it.

Now, we are at Millennium Park under the 'bean'.

We also stopped at the Chicago Cultural Center (my favorite place) to listen to some free blues music. I was surprised that the kids sat and enjoyed the music! The woman playing the sax was phenomenal.

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