Sunday, June 22, 2008

SCHINGOETHE CENTER for Native American Cultures

All of the kids in front of the Schingoethe Center Museum.

My friend, Becky told me about this museum. Were you aware that this museum is at Aurora University?? I had no idea. Lucky for us, Becky's daughter went there on a class trip last year.

With Brandon and Chase in town I thought this would make a great day trip (and an educational one, too!). Anywhere I can squeeze in learning, you bet I'll take advantage of teaching the kids.

They had plenty of hands-on activities. Look for yourselves...

Joshua and Chase are grinding corn to make flour for supper later on.

Anna weaving like the Indians.

A giant puzzle of North America showing where the tribes lived with images of the different types of homes they made.

Here are all the kids posing! We were able to watch a video of an Indian tribe in action. How they built winter and spring wigwams, how to make baskets out of tree bark, women vs. men traditions and how to fish. Most of the kids said that this was their favorite part of the museum.
Family photo in front of the wigwam.

The tee pee was a lot of fun for the kids to put together. Once they were able to get it to stand correctly, the kids went in, out and around playing with their new home.

David was a special treat!!

I was talking to him about a future field trip with my homeschooling group and he told us about his talents! He grew up in Chicago and once he became an adult he wanted to learn more about his ancestors. His mom is Choctaw and I forgot where his dad is from :(. He shared that he learned to play the drum and sing like his ancestors. Here is a short clip. I was truly amazed. I think the adults were more interested in the music than the kids. He shared stories, the meaning of the music, the different ways to vocally sing and his own story.

We will be going back again this fall!!

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Chinamama4 said...

What a great time we had that day! I just love unearthing "treasures" like that museum!
BTW, Dave's father was Navajo! :)