Sunday, June 1, 2008


Can you identify this fish??

I think this photo is cool looking. It almost can be a post card if the fish wasn't blurry! Karl and KJ bought a fishing boat recently and we have been enjoying it this past weekend. What a beautiful, relaxing weekend we had on the fishing boat.

Karl packed us lunch on Saturday morning and woke us all up at 6:30 am!! Way too early!! I actually considered staying in bed but I did get up. Boy, I am glad I did. To see the faces on the kids when they caught their first fish. I didn't bring my camera on Saturday. (These photos are from our Sunday excursion.)

On Saturday, the kids caught 5 fishes. Joshua caught 3 blue gills. Anna caught one blue gill and one bass. The excitement was priceless (check out the videos below). I told Karl I needed to go back on Sunday so I can take photos of the kids catching more fish.

Sunday was a lot warmer. We went to church early so we can come home and head out to the lake. We packed a nice lunch and we were on our way. Maybe, you should all ask Karl about the 'plug' incident when he put the boat in...let's just say that Anna saved the day or should I say the boat!!

The pictures will show what a beautiful day we had. Both kids caught a fish each and I can't wait for you to hear their excitement in their voices. We had such a blessed weekend sharing in God's creation. We are truly blessed to have this time together. Thank you Lord for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Andy said...

The unidentified fish would be known as a "perch"...very yummy,
especially with many of his freinds. ha.