Thursday, June 12, 2008


17 years old

One of our other dogs, Gunnar snuggling with Kish.

Today is Thursday and I wanted share what we are doing. I will blog Wednesday's activities another day. While Brandon and Chase are town, Karl and I felt it was 'time'. For a year in a half we have tried to make a vet appointment for Kish. It just never felt right. To some degree it does feel right, with my kids and my brother's kids.

My brother, Jesse and Kate originally bought Kish and I believe they had him for 6-8 years or so. Brandon and Chase grew up with him maybe 5 of those yrs. (don't quote me on this, I am really bad with time). Karl and I (before we had kids) had taken over guardianship. So, our kids have had a chance to love Kish for the past 8 years. This puts Kish at 16 to 18 years old. He is well loved by all!!!!

Today the kids are drawing pictures and writing what is on their hearts. My loving husband built a special box for Kish. The kids will dedicate a side of the box with their drawings and words. I get the lid.

Chase drew this picture (above) and painted the box (below).
It represents the family standing around Kish.

Anna (above and below)
Brandon (above and below)
Joshua (above and below)

Chase chose our processional song, "We Are The Reason". Click on the words so you can listen to it. It is a Christmas song but Chase said it represented Jesus' love for us all and for his creatures. He chose the perfect song!

Kish is a gift to us and boy, we really enjoyed him. We had a lot of laughs, cuddling, fun time with this little dog. He did bless us all. He also had a lot of spunk!!!! We love you KISH!!!

With much love, we know you will join Jesse in Heaven.

In Your Memory,
Kate, Brandon, Chase, Karl, Lisa, Anna and Joshua

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Chinamama4 said...

Awww, Lisa, my family is going to miss seeing that little guy wobbling around your kitchen as we try not to trip over him! So fragile, yet so feisty! And his connection with your brother surely made this day that much more emotional for all of you.