Tuesday, August 12, 2008


After doing all that cooking this past Sunday, I was thinking that some of you may be saying, "No way I am spending a whole day cooking." Well, if OAMC sounds too much for you, I have another solution.

This morning I was making buckwheat pancakes for the kids. When I make pancakes I make enough to feed 3-4 families. I do this because Joshua will eat 6 in one sitting. I let the pancakes cool on the counter and freeze the rest. They freeze well and they never last more than 2 weeks! The kids go in the freezer, take what they want, pop them in the toaster and eat.

I will do this when I cook a favorite dinner. I will double, triple and sometimes quadruple the recipe, cool and freeze. If you do this consistently for a month before you know it you will have a freezer full of yummy food!!!

Give it a try, it is worth it!!

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shelby1232 said...

I've gotta try those, they look delicous. I made about an entire loaf of french toast this morningand froze it too. BTW, that french toast recipe I gave you is really good.
And yesterday i sliced up some potatoes into french fries and froze those too. You could just call me the freezing queen...lol