Saturday, August 30, 2008


Anna found mud and made some mud pie. Hungry anyone??

Our budding artist...
Anna painted this corn field in our basement a few weeks ago.


We had lots of fun with Christl. We had lots of family time, canoeing, eating, making s'mores over an open fire and catching up. We were so happy that you came for a visit, Christl. When are you coming back?????

CANNING & GARDENING highlights...

I have been a cooking fiend. I canned peach jam, pickled green beans and even prepped an egg casserole for the next morning! Phew, I was tired. But, I do love 'putting food by'.

Just look how much our garden has grown!! I am up to my elbows with tomatoes. I have made for the freezer; stewed tomatoes, marinara sauce, pesto, and today I will freeze chopped up tomatoes.

Illinois to Minnesota to BAYFIELD and MADELINE ISLAND
(and back) road trip...

We left Illinois to pick up Brandon & Chase in Minnesota to do some camping before we arrive in Bayfield. We camped 2 nights at Copper Falls, WI. 3 nights on Madeline Island. 2 days at a cottage on Madeline Island. We were blessed with beautiful weather! We had lots of beach time, some kayaking and plenty of relaxation time for me!!

My in-laws; Oma and Opa AND sister in-law, Barbie and John met us in Bayfield for our last 3 days of our vacation. Barbie found a great cabin where we all can sleep in a bed (very important)!!!! We went to see the tall ships in DULUTH, more beach combing and lots and lots and lots of eating.

Oma and I having a little fun.

Barbie and I smiling for the camera

The kids and I riding on the ferry from Bayfield to Madeline Island.
They thought it was soooo cool for a car to go for a boat ride.

You need to click on this note above and read it. This note was in the bathroom of our cottage on Madeline Island. The boys didn't believe they had to 'flush' so often.

Lake Superior makes our little boy look so small.
Joshua had soooo much fun playing in the lake.
He didn't care how cold it was!

I thank the Lord for all of the opportunity that He gives to us. To be able to thank HIM for our blessings and for HIS gifts that we see each and every day. Amen.

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Beth said...

Hi Lisa,

You asked about what the TM is that I use for history. I use the Veritas Press Teacher Manaual's they have them for each time period. I do not do everything in them because it states that it is suppose to be like a buffet. That is where I got the info on the literature study as well. It follows the cards that Classical Conversations uses.

BTW, love your garden! You must have a very green thumb!

Beth from "Pages of Our Life"