Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We will officially start school on Friday, August 22nd. Why Friday? Why not? I plan on going to Brookfield Zoo with the kids to start the year off with FUN! I also planned on the 25th a little project making gooey worms.

We have a busy schedule planned out so pray for a successful year. I will also take more pictures this year post what we have been doing. Our ups and downs. Good days and bad.


  • Bible - 4x's a week
  • Math (Math-U-See) - 4x's a week
  • Writing (Writing Strands) - 4x's
  • Grammar (Easy Grammar & Simply Grammar) - 4x's
  • Spelling - 4x's
  • Reading (McGuffey Readers) - 4x's
  • Cursive (A Reason for Handwriting) - 4x's
  • Classical Conversations on Tuesday mornings
  • Spanish (Rosetta Stone) - 3x's
  • Science (Story of Inventions & Science Lab in the Supermarket) 2x's
  • Geography (Marco Polo) once a week
  • History (Da Vinci 1st term; Good Queen Bess 2nd term; Child's Story of America 2x's; This Country of Ours & Child's History of the World, once a week)
  • Literature (Shakespeare, Parables of Nature, Pilgrims Progress & Princess and the Goblin 1st term; Jungle Book 3rd term)
  • Piano once a week
  • Swimming once a week
  • Tae-kwon-do 3x's
  • Home Ec. on Fridays
Plus we will supplement a project to go with our history reading. Anna will also choose a book to read on her own. Phew that was a lot.

We are following the Ambleside Online year 3 booklist.

  • Bible every morning
  • Classical Conversations on Tuesday
  • Math (Math-U-See) 4x's
  • Sing, Spell, Read & Write 3x's
  • Handwriting 2x's
  • Home Ec. on Fridays
  • Swimming once a week
  • Tae-kwon-do 2x's
It will be fun teaching both kids. We are trying something new with Classical Conversations where I will also be tutoring 4-6th graders on Tuesday mornings.

Joshua will be sitting in on all of Anna's history and literature lessons. Whatever he soaks up during that time I will be happy. If he falls asleep, even better.

I am blessed to have a husband who supports homeschooling. I am blessed that the Lord has put on my heart to home school. I have truly enjoyed my children more these past 2 years than when I was away working. I have grown so much with my husbands support. Thank you Lord for your patience and thank you Karl for your love. I couldn't do it without you! Thank you Lord!!


Chinamama4 said...

Whew, that's quite a list! Makes me glad I'm just tackling Preschool this year...
Week 1 - the letter A
Week 2 - the letter B
...and so on...
Looking forward to "Mommy Home Ec" on Fridays! :)

Lisa said...

It seems like a lot but truly it isn't (I hope). Most classes we will spend about 30 minutes a day and others no more than an hour. It all depends if the kids can get down and concentrate. I don't expect miracles. We will have mornings when we won't even school. I will take LIFE as it comes ;) with a smile.

I never even did the alphabet with Joshua. Sounds like a nice simply, relaxed schedule. Have fun with Abigail this year!!