Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I just got a call 2 nights ago from Kate. Rocco (below) was found bleeding and was rushed to the vet. Just a week before that he was in the vet for his annual check up and was fine. The vet found that he had cancer of the spleen. The boys were devastated. As you can recall earlier this summer we had to put Kish down. The boys were in town and we did this as a family. Two months later they are dealing with this at home in Minnesota. They talked about chemo and as a family, decided what was best for Rocco. They decided that they had to put Rocco down. As you can see, they love their dog dearly.

ONCE AGAIN, I am looking at this photo of my brother, Jesse, Rocco and Kish. They are all together ONCE AGAIN! Why this photo? How did my husband come upon this particular image?

I love this photo. I am reprinting this photo for Brandon and Chase to have in their rooms. I may just make one for myself, too.

I pray for peace in Kate's, Brandon's and Chase's hearts. I want them to know that they are together ONCE AGAIN without pain in Heaven.

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