Wednesday, July 14, 2010


First, let me tell you how my second half of teaching went. It went well. I talked so much that my throat hurts this morning. I am so exhausted. But, I am ready for another day with the ladies. This conference is called Federally Employed Women National Training Program. Phew, say that ten times.

Last night I met other trainers from the program. We went out to dinner together and had fun. I had rice and beans...yum. In our group We had 3 other women and I met Bob and Roger(his name is not Roger, it,s jerry) earlier in the days. Really fun group. The ladies went back to Their room after dinner to practice their presentations. Bob and Jerry ( chaperoned) me...just kidding. We went tO Cafe Du Monde for the famous beignets. They were so yummy. I am going back tonight to try to bring some home for the kids and hubby.

I needed to tell you more about those yummy beignets. When I ordered them, they cam 3 in a bag. They were nice and warm and covered in powdered sugar. The guys that I was with told me that I had to have one right away. They were warm, crunchy, and oh so, so good!!!

I am meeting the same group at tonight for a trolley ride through the garden district. I will take pictures. I hope they are up for a fancy dinner. this is my last night and I would like to eat something fancy. My shuttle picks me up at 4 am on thursday morning. Got to make the most of it!

Gotta go!

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Robyn said...

You are one busy lady! WOW! You are doing it all!

Sounds like quite the experience you are having. Can't wait to read more.

Although we don't talk much due to life's demands, know that I am praying for you and think of you, Karl and the kids often.