Monday, July 12, 2010

joshua moment...

It is Monday morning at around 6:15. I get up, take a shower and head to the kitchen to make my coffee. I hear the TV is playing and wonder who was up. It was Joshua and he had the camera in his hand.

Joshua: "Mama (he calls me that and I love how he says it), I took a video."
Mom: "A video?"
Joshua: "A took a video of me kissing Anna" He plays the video for me.

This what I saw: a cute little boy's face whispering, "I am going to give Anna a kiss". he goes into the kitchen to get the camera (the hallway is dark) and proceeds to Anna's room. you see this little light shine around her bed...then you see Anna's face lit up by the flashlight...then you hear this little sound of a smooch on her cheek. You don't see him kiss her but you can hear the sound. Too, cute!

He truly loves his big sister. I think this was the only way for him to show his affection because she won't let him get close to her. I hope she grows out of that and lets him in.

Something to cherish today as I get ready to leave my family for New Orleans.

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Allison said...

How sweet. :)
Keep us posted on new orleans...