Monday, July 21, 2008

Boys will be boys...

Let me start out by saying, "I love Joshua's hair long." I kind of like the 'surfer/hippie' look. Karl on the other hand has been working on Joshua, that he needs to look like a 'man'. I told him no, but Joshua has been looking forward to his haircut for about a month.

This must be one of those, 'male bonding' moments.

His beautiful locks...gone :(

Does he look like a man, now????? NOT!

Anna had to get a turn shaving daddy's head.

As you can see above, Karl really didn't need a haircut. I love watching Karl with the kids. Anna had fun shaving daddy's big head ;).

Making memories...

1 comment:

shelby1232 said...

Too cute!!!
I love the pic of Anna shaving Karl's head. That is too funny.
Joshua's locks were so cute, but he looks adorable with his new haircut!!!
Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.
♥ Fran