Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last Night...

Last night 3 things happened...
  1. Anna wanted to start her own blog. I wonder where she got that idea. Hmmmm. Here is her link to her blog: I particularly like the title ;) I can't promise how often she will write. But, please do visit.
  2. Joshua learned how to tie his shoes!!! I can't believe it. I have been trying to get him learn how to tie his shoe and he would get frustrated. Last night he asked my husband to help and guess what???? He got it!!!!! This is exactly what happened with Anna. I try and try and try. He comes along and voila, they get it. He tied and retied his shoes over and over last night. He really knows how to tie his shoes at 4 years old!!
  3. Now for me...I dreamt my brother last night. I have not dreamed him since he has been gone (five years next week). It was an amazing dream. HE was so much bigger, brighter, happier. He looked good. All I could do in my dream was to run over to him, jump up on him and give him a great big hug (and cry), then I woke up. I wanted to go back to my dream. You know how hard it to try?? It was such a great feeling. I hope to dream of him, again.
Have a wonderful Wednesday! God Bless You All!

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