Friday, September 12, 2008

School is well underway....

There is a raspberry farm 2 minutes from house! We needed a break (already?) so we decided to take an afternoon a pick raspberries. We picked about 4 quarts. That night I made raspberry crisp, yummy! The rest of the berries I froze to make smoothies throughout the week. You can really taste the fresh berries.

We are studying early explorers and one of the projects is learning how to tie sailor knots. Anna caught on very quickly. I had some troubles following the images. Joshua was even able to do one the knots. We learned a bowline knot and I can't remember the other 2 knots. Ouch, my brain hurts. Too much information going on this year.

September has brought back...a full schedule. The kids and I had a rough first week of 'following' a specific schedule for us all! Especially, getting the bedtime routine down was the hardest. Here is what our week looks like:

MONDAY - I try to start school by 8:30 am and so far we have succeeded. I have a 3-ring binder for each kid with a schedule on the cover. As we progress through the day, I use a dry-erase marker and cross off each item. I am a visual and I need to 'see' what has been accomplished. We cover reading, read-a-loud, grammar, math, history, Classical Conversation review and we finish with 2 hours of Tae-kwon-do.

TUESDAY - We are up early for Classical Conversations and we are in class until noon. We have lunch at church and then come and usually just chill. We may do an outdoor project, craft, or science project or take a nap. Most Tuesdays, I need the nap!

WEDNESDAY - Grammar, math, handwriting, reading, history, bible, Spanish and 2 hours of Tae-kwon-do!

THURSDAY - Science project, CC review, Early Explorers lapbook projects, grammar, reading and 1 hour Tae-kwon-do.
Anna had to break the boards in half with her foot. It took two attempts but she got it!!!! She had her first official testing last week. Anna did an awesome job! She received her yellow belt that she earned all on her own!

FRIDAY - Mostly a catch up day of what we didn't accomplish during the week. I like to do a 4 day school and having Friday as a free day!! We can do field trips, have play dates, play board games or bake! I forgot, Anna has piano at 2:30!

I am sooooo not complaining. I am just adjusting from schooling one child to two kids. It is a learning experience for us all. I am thankful for the opportunities that God brings to us. We are truly blessed in so many ways. To have a roof over our heads, food on the table, work for my husband, I try to remember that it is the 'simple' things in LIFE that mean the most. AMEN.

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